Southern Ohio Coal Co.

(Fairmont, WV)


Consolidate Coal Corp.

(Morgantown, WV)


Vanco Welding & Repair

(Grafton, WV)


Chief Construction Co.

(Zanesville, OH)


American Fiber Resources

(Fairmont, WV)


Morgantown Mall

(Morgantown, WV)


Lowes, Inc.

(Morgantown, WV)


Bob Evans Farms

(Morgantown, WV)


G.P. Regester, Inc.

(Moorefield, WV)


Fairmont Veterinary Hospital

(Fairmont, WV)


Richmond, VA


Mammoth Geo

(Barrackville, WV)




(Fairmont, WV)


Complete Steel Detailing of Coal Refuse Chute Work for Preparation Plant.



Complete Structural Steel Detailing of Floor Steel for Second Floor of Preparation Plant.


Detailing of Multiple Projects for Machines and Structures.



Detailing and Design of Various Structural Steel Projects


Detailed Design of Building Steel



Complete Site Drawings During construction of phase I and II of entire 120-Acre Mall Site


Site Drawings for Design of new facilities near the Morgantown Mall



Site Drawings for Design of New Restaurant at the Morgantown Mall


Site Drawings for Existing and Proposed Lumber Mill Facilities



Site Drawings for Veterinary Hospital and Office


Buildings and Recreational Facilities


Drafting of Linears, SAR and NAR drawings used to determine Gas Well Drilling Locations throughout the Eastern Half of the United States


Design Detailing of New Batting Practice Device