Shelly and Sands, Inc.

(Zanesville, OH)






City Neon, Inc.

(Morgantown, WV)



Gene Yost and Son

(Mt. Morris, PA)


C.W. Stickley, Inc.

(Fairmont, WV)


American Fiber Resources

(Fairmont, WV)


Hubco Bronze

(Wheeling, WV)


Cost Estimating of Large Projects throughout 3 states which involved Quantity Take-Off for Earthwork, Concrete, Masonry, Electrical, Mechanical, All Utilities, Roads, Pavement and Structures of All Types.  Obtained Prices and Submitted Bids.




Cost Estimating of Small Projects in the surrounding area.  Preparation of bids for earthwork, structures, concrete work and roads.



Cost Estimating of Earthwork Projects.



Cost Estimating of Earthwork Projects, site Preparation Projects, Roads and Parking Lots.


Cost Estimating for Major Factory and Plant Expansion.



Cost Estimate for Major Factory and Plant Expansion.

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